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The Dreamer’s Guide

Creator  |  May 2016

The Dreamer’s Guide’ is a VR experience that explores the psychoanalysis of lucid dreaming and choice. This was a capstone project for school, and my first experience using 3D Unity and Virtual Reality.


The main focuses here were cinematics and creating a UI for the player at a time when no such tools were available yet for VR.


The Taking of Sarah Grace

Creator  |  July 2015

The Taking of Sarah Grace’ is an entirely text-based horror exploration game that I made while learning Unity for the first time. Although not my finest work, this is my first game I’ve ever published and uploaded anywhere!


It follows a detective exploring the ominous disappearance of a little girl, solving puzzles by collecting items throughout the game. If you have trouble playing it on the page, try to fullscreen the game!

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