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Hey there!

I'm Will, an adept software developer currently based in the Virginia/DC Metro Area. I've had interest in software and coding from a young age, and I aspire to set foot into the gaming industry after years of development and team-centric experience!


My passions for clear design, adaptive methodology, and assisting others have made me a valuable asset throughout my career. I take pride in my ability to shift between logical and creative thinking, and aspire to channel both through everything I do.


From 2014 to 2018, I studied at the University of Maryland and earned myself a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. During my time there I found my first jobs as an IT Systems Admin and Java Teaching Assistant for the Computer Science Department.


That chapter of life taught me a lot, with adaptability being the key skill I honed down as I troubleshooted for a variety of issues that folks had.


Post-graduation I headed to Capital One as a newly hired DevOps Engineer. For three years I built countless features and services for hundreds of application teams, mostly working on the CI/CD development pipeline for an entire company division.


My time there honed down my ability to assist others on a large scale, even earning me an internal company award in the process!


A while after, that creeping urge to work on something more creative with my career led me to take a big risk: I took a career break to dip my toes in more artistic endeavors, rebuild my code foundations, and spend more time with family.


Since then, I've built personal projects on Unity, entered some Game Jams, and taken online courses to understand why I want to code a bit better, boosting my design skills and creativity.

2023 & Onwards

At this point, I'm continuing to take courses on both DevOps & Game Dev technologies, and am actively looking for an amazing team to collaborate with! Be sure to check out my LinkedIn for more details on my work experience throughout the years!

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